Dr. Su

SuSDr. Long Su,  Columbia University   General Dentist     蘇龍   哥倫比亞大學牙醫博士  口腔全科

Dr.Su graduated from 上海第二醫學院口腔系 in 1985. He received his Master of Science from New York Medical College at Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy in 1991. He graduated from Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral Surgeon, DDS, 1996. Dr. Su has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, dental implant and oral surgery. Dr. Su has run his own dental office in Texas for over 10 years before moved back to New York City in year 2011.

Dr.Su has a complete understanding of dental procedures and porcelain techniques that can create the most natural looking restorations for your teeth. Over the years, he has helped thousands of patients enhance their smile as well as replace missing teeth with implants. He is a compassionate and caring doctor in addition to being an expert in his field.